Your hostess: Myriame Dolders

As art historian I have a passion for old buildings and I love to renovate old and rundown houses so that my guests can enjoy the atmosphere of yeasteryear, without sacrificing contemporary comfort. The Abrahams house is a good example of how a dilapidated house can become a gem. It testifies to my passion and love to the former glory to resurrect from its ashes: quality design, attention to detail and modern comforts without the loss of the historical character.

Every morning I serve a varied breakfast with fresh seasonal and regional – often homemade – products.

Upon arrival, I will let you know where you can find  the most beautiful and interesting places and activities in the city: for the classics, but also for current activities taking place in Ghent and in Flanders. And if you develop interest in specific issues during your stay, I can rely on my professional knowledge as an art historian. And if necessary, I will consult my extensive library to answer your questions.